In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

“Whoever endeavors to enlighten people’s thoughts, prevent a deviation, prevent a misunderstanding, because he is fighting against the enemy, this is called Jihad.”

(The Supreme Leader)

The research journal of “Qur’an and Religious Enlightenment” invites scientific authors and researchers of Qur’anic issues to show the path of truth by writing articles about religious misconceptions, using the Holy Qur’an and interpretative traditions, as well as, the scientific views of scholars in this field. Today’s society is faced with the expansion of human knowledge and the emergence of new intellectual currents. In addition, the exchange of scientific ideas and the enlightenment of religious truths is vital. Therefore, it is necessary to show the enlightening role of the Qur’an in introducing pure and inviolable truths for humanity. Examples of misconceptions on which the respected authors can focus are as follows:

1-  misconceptions on miracles;

2-  misconceptions on the Prophets;

3-  misconceptions on human sexuality;

4-  misconceptions on the vocabulary of the Qur’an;

5-  misconceptions on human freedom;

6-  misconceptions on apostasy;

7-  misconceptions on hijab (veil);

8-  misconceptions on worship;

9-  misconceptions on the Hereafter:

10-misconceptions on the conflict between science and the Qur'an:

11 - misconceptions on the conflict between reason and the Qur'an:

12 - misconceptions on the religious experience and the Qur'an:

13 - misconceptions on the language of the Qur'an and hermeneutics:

14 - misconceptions on the the Quran's conflict with human natural rights:

15 - misconceptions on jins and devils.

Following the Journal’s Guideline is one of the conditions for publishing articles approved by reviewers.

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Translating Farsi articles into English and editing English articles are available via contact number: 09122494281