With the help and grace of God and the unceasing efforts of the staff involved in the bi-quarterly Quran and Religious Enlightenment of this magazine, in the winter season of 2021, you succeeded in obtaining a scientific research rating from the Ministry of Science and Technology with a grade of "B". Thanks to the respected authors who have helped the magazine in this direction. It hereby invites all scholars to send their valuable articles to the magazine in order to respond based on the Holy Qur'an in the following areas:

•    Challenges and answers in the body of religion,
•    Challenges and answers in Islamic culture
•    Challenges and answers in religious division
•    Challenging and answering in religious discourse
•    Challenges and answers in religious pragmatism,
•    Challenges and answers in the relations of the Islamic world
•    Challenges and answers in the organization and development of Islam
•    Challenges and answers in the education of religious teachers
•    Challenging and answering in religious test and evaluation
•    Challenging and answering the issue of gender in religion
•    Challenges and answers in the diversity and change of the Qur'anic language
•    Challenges and answers in Islamic planning policy
•    Challenges and answers in religious media
•    Challenges and answers about religious educational materials
•    Challenges and answers in learning the Quran
•    Challenges and answers in learning religious sciences
•    Challenges and answers in the social factors of Islamic education
•    Challenges and answers in Quran translation
•    Challenges and answers in the translation of religious sciences
Submit your articles online until November 20, 1401 in the following link: http://quran2020.journals.pnu.ac.ir
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask: mailto:quranjournals2020@pnu.ac.ir
Or send a message on WhatsApp to 09121430696.

Articles can be sent in both Farsi and English languages.

It should be mentioned that due to the conditions of a large number of esteemed referees of the magazine, it is necessary to send Persian articles to the magazine's email for refereeing the articles.

If the publication of the Farsi article is approved by the esteemed referees, an English translation of the article is required, and the cost of the translation is the responsibility of the author, and if the article is submitted in English, the cost of editing is the responsibility of the author.

The number of words in each article should be between 4500 and 7000 words.

It is necessary that the articles should be prepared according to the style sheet of the Quran and Religious Enlightenment magazine, and the source method of the article is only in APA format.

Many thanks to the hard work of the educated and respectable writers who choose the Qur'an and Religious Enlightenment magazine to submit their articles.